Saturday, October 27, 2012

Not a Weekend!

BAH!  Weekends are always the hardest for me.  After just saying that sil and I were going to get on track so she could make her goal, we both totally crashed this weekend. 

I was doing just fine today.  Went shopping with a friend, had a big pretty salad for lunch, all was well in the world.  Then I came home to hubs and a house full of football party.They had grilled burgers, hot links, steaks, and hot dogs for the kids.  Not a vegetable in sight.  Sil made nacho dip and WE ATE!  Boy did we eat.  I was actually pretty miserable by the time I got the kitchen cleaned up.  We made a vow to go walk/jog every night between now and her goal date.  We are going to squeeze in some kind of workout at the house, too.  We talked about starting my Brazil Butt Lift videos, but she won't be here long enough to complete the whole program.  I guess whatever we do would be better than what I did this weekend... 

Luckily there wasn't much leftover and I sent the last of it home with our guests.  I have to go grocery shopping now, but that will be worth it because I can usually get groceries without buying junk.  If there is no junk and we have all the groceries we need, there won't be any excuses to make extra trips to the store and end up with stuff we shouldn't be eating.  I think I'll try some pumpkin recipes from some of the blogs I follow.  It's starting to get cold more regularly so fall recipes are sounding better.

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