Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Great Purge

Princess' room is clean!  I cleaned it out over the weekend. I was correct, she had entirely to much stuff and is happier now that her room isn't such a disaster.  I'm sad I didn't get a before picture, but we changed most of her wall d├ęcor so it matches her personality and interests.  The last time we decorated it she was a toddler...
 Mountain of stuff to donate to the church
 Vinyl gorilla chalkboard
 Display for rock collection
The television stand is my favorite part.  This was an old school desk I rescued from becoming trash.  The top was in terrible condition so we used leftover lumber and made a larger top and affixed a shelf under.  A couple cans of Krylon, a couple rolls of duck tape and she now has a custom television/game stand.  The television she had in her room was a monster on a monster stand and it took up so much room she and her friends didn't have room to play the dance games she has for her Wii.  We replaced the monster television with the slimmer design and now they have plenty of room to boogey!
The only room I have left to purge is my bedroom.  It's last because I've put it off all this time.  Anyone want to come clean it out for me?  I also need to finish decorating the living room, maybe I'll do that before I purge the bedroom...  

Friday, August 22, 2014

Turns out I'm a hoarder...

I've been telling Princess for weeks that she has to clean out her room or I'm going to clean out her room.  Her hoarding is making me crazy!  She has way more stuff than any one little girl should ever have and she just won't let go.  I just don't understand.  Or do I?

I'm cleaning out all the rooms in my house.  This is an ongoing project in my house because we all have a little hoarder in us.  My most resent room:  the bathroom.  Who hoards stuff in the bathroom, you ask.  This girl.
Nobody needs as much makeup as I own.  I had pictures, but I must have got on a cleaning kick and deleted those!  Oops.  These are some of the things I had:

An entire snack-sized baggie of lip color or conditioner and 99% of the time my lips are naked. 

Six, count them, six mascaras.  One is nearly empty but I so I had to have five spare? 

I should never have to buy eyeliner again!  There were at lease a dozen in several colors.

I threw away some of the oldest stuff and I'm donating some of the stuff I've barely or never worn to my sister and a friend.

Between what I left readily accessible and what I kept for backup I probably still have entirely to much makeup for one person.  I will work on other rooms for a while and maybe I'll come back to this again in a couple weeks.
How much makeup do you own? 
Are you a hoarder like me, a minimalist or something in between?

Friday, August 15, 2014

Cold Brew Coffee

I really like glass jars and bottles. Like, REALLY like them.  When I have food or condiments or beverages that come in glass, I have a hard time throwing them out so I try to find other purposes for them.  My real weaknesses are mason jars and pretty bottles.  See example below:

Recently I discovered a way to use my beloved jars to make cold brew coffee.Screw the coffee filter on the top of a quart sized jar with the lid ring.  Pour your water through the filter.

Carefully unscrew the ring and add the lid, if you want.  This step probably isn't necessary, but I'm afraid a fly will land in my grounds, get stuck and die and that would be gross. (I may be a little paranoid on this on...)

Let this steep overnight in the fridge!

Cold brew coffee in the morning!  No fishing a tied up bag of grounds out from the bottom.  My quart sized jar makes enough coffee to last me 2 days.  I pour half into another jar with ice in it and add whatever flavors I want at the time.  Creamer, vanilla vodka, chocolate silk, Kahlua, whatever strikes my fancy that morning.  I have a lid I've punched a whole big enough for a straw that works perfectly for my cold brew to go.  While I LOVE the local coffee place and the wonderful folks who run the show, I can't afford to visit them every morning.  This is a wonderful alternative! 

How do you make coffee at home?