Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Finally off my butt

Today I finally drug my butt to the track.  Sil and Princess went along for the ride.  I only did a mile today, jog one, walk one, jog one, walk one, but at least I didn't just sit on my butt and think about doing something.  I did yoga last night and felt AMAZING when I went to bed.  I* LOVE* yoga.  I'm not terribly flexible or sturdy in some of the poses, but that will come in time.  Historically, I can stick with yoga for a longer period of time than I can running.  Gotta mix it up, though.

So here's a question for ya:  Why do my calves hurt?  It doesn't matter if I'm wearing my more expensive Asics or if I'm in my Reebok cross trainers or if I wear my Fila Skeletoes, my hurt if I jog for any length of time.  My feet hurt if I wear the runners or cross trainers, but feel great in the barefoot-type shoes, so I usually stick with the Filas.  No matter the shoes, the calves hurt like crazy.  I stretch.  I've tried stretching before and tried after and tried both, nothing seems to help.  Tonight, I even stopped in the middle of a walking lap to stretch a little more because they felt really tight again.
My theories:
 1.  Maybe I run wrong?  Is that possible?  Seems like such a simple thing, running, how does one screw that up, right?
 b.  I wear 3-5 inch heels most days, that can't be good for my legs or back in general.
 3. My muscles are really that weak that they are in pain trying to build up to be strong enough to carry my big ol' booty.
 4. Probably some combination of all of that and things I haven't even thought about.

What are your common running quirks?

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