Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How many miles?

So I took the plunge today.  I signed up for the Pile on the Miles 2012 challenge.  How many miles can you put in in the month of November, right?  I set my goal at 25.  I know, 25 miles in a whole month?!?  That is the wimpiest goal ever!  Thing is, even that sounds daunting to me right now.

Recently Not-So-Heavy K (the hubs has lost about 65lbs in the last year) took a job out of town.  Gone.  Monday through Friday I'm a single mom.  This has been an adjustment to us all.  When we first moved in together he worked out of town, so he and I have done this before.  The Princess, my now seven-year-old daughter was just a baby then and didn't know the difference.  We got married, he found a local job, all was well in the world.  Then a couple months ago his cousin asked him to come back to work on the road and supervise a crew.  After much debating and much prayer, we decided this would get us to one of our life goals faster, so off he wen.  Princess is adjusting well enough, only mild separation issues but she is requiring more attention from me.  What does this have to do with the lame goal, you ask?  EVERYTHING!

I'm already at work all day so leaving her at Memaw's for an extra hours isn't going to happen.  I prefer to walk/jog the neighborhood, but have you ever tried to take a seven-year-old princess on such a task?  Let me tell you, it's not fun.  She isn't interested in walking without a destination and she complains about jogging more than I do.  We take her bicycle along so she is happy, only now I'm more worried about the traffic.  Then there is the track at the school.  The NASCAR of walking, SUPER BORING, but still effective.  Everyone can move at their own pace, nobody is getting hit by a car, and she can just stop and play with toys if she wants.  The track is going to take MUCH more motivation than street walking (for those of you with a dirty mind, I'm not talking about the oldest profession in the world).  Putting my name, goal and blog address on a list with others, including real bloggers I follow, should help keep me accountable and when all of my millions of followers (okay, all one of you) are watching me and expecting 25 miles out of me, I better do something, right?

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  1. #1 here. Keep it up, street walker. heehee. Motivation comes from within. Keep reading the blogs. That is what got me going. To think that someday I can publish posts about my evening 7 mile run, or my 10th half marathon, or my 1st full marathon! It's going to be awesome. And some day, you and I will cross that finish line together, cry a little and celebrate!


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