Friday, October 26, 2012

Dirty Work

I didn't get a workout in today because I got a huge workout while I was at my j.o.b.  Today my #1 and I did some MUCH needed cleaning in the storage area.  It's hot, dirty, heavy work.  There is a layer of dust on everything that you could write your name in and spiders everywhere!  Good new though, it's organized and we worked up quite a sweat.  I got in some strength by moving a TON of boxes and cardio by climbing up and down the stairs getting things I had forgot or things I never thought of in the first place.  I felt *GREAT* when I left work, so I went home and celebrated... with BLT's.  Okay, I know that really isn't good for me and I try to eat vegetarian most of the time and, as it turns out bacon isn't vegetarian (that makes me sad because bacon is soooooo good).

Sil had a doctor appointment today and meets with another doctor in a few weeks.  They want her to lose 15lbs in those few weeks so I promised to join in her efforts and crack down with her... tomorrow.  We are going to get to the track at least most days.  If weather permits, we are going to play tennis tomorrow.  It has started getting cold around here and I'm really not a fan of cold weather. 

I would like to move somewhere tropical where it's 70+ degrees all the time and live on the beach.  Maybe I'll move to the middle of the Sonoran dessert where it's hot, but it's a dry heat, as they say.  Visited AZ in the summer, I loved it.  It was 114 and the folks there talked about how hot it was.  Hubs and I were pretty comfortable, though, because it was more comfortable than what feels like 100% humidity here.  Princess complained about the heat, but she would rather be in the snow than the heat any day.

Hubs is home tonight so I think I'll close my rambling for now and go run him and Princess off the Wii and get in some quality time of my own. 

Where would you like to live and why?

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