Monday, February 20, 2017

The Wait

If you read my last review, you know I've started a trilogy.  I have now finished the second book in this series and the wait is on because the third book is already loaned out from my library's Overdrive account.  This is almost as bad a finishing a series completely.  Now I'm just sitting around waiting for the next book and have no idea what to listen to in the mean time.  I'm reading a paper book and a book on my Kindle, so I'm not completely book free at this point, but I can't settle on my next audiobook.  I've started and deleted a few already because I couldn't get into them.  This morning I even listened to the radio on my way to work!  I almost never do that anymore.  The only time I listen to the radio is when someone big enough to have an opinion is in the car with me.  The babies just have to listen to my audiobooks because I think they don't really care or know that they can care about such things yet.

I should probably pick something from the list I made for Book Riot's 2017 Read Harder Challenge, but I can't pick because there are so many great choices on my list!   I printed the list and have filled in almost all of the tasks, but I've only completed three so far.  I ordered paper books for 2 more tasks and I'm almost finished with a Kindle book for one task.  Choices, choices.  There are piles of books in my house and on my Kindle, but it's hard for me to choose an audiobook.  Tell me, how do you choose?  What have you listened to lately that I should hear?  I want to know, folks!

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