Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Is this subscription worth it: Book of the Month Club

This week I'd like to talk about Book of the Month.  This seems appropriate for by blog since I was doing so much book blogging before my last hiatus.  I was signed up for Book of the Month at one point last year, but I wasn't reading many paper books so I was having a hard time finishing one before the next came in.  I have since worked paper books back into my routine and I'm excited to get started on some new ones.

The way it works:  You can sign up for a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription and you pay for it up front.  The more months you sign up for, the lower the cost of each book.  At the beginning of the month, you get to pick from 5 books chosen by a panel of BOTM judges.  Each month there is a celebrity judge who gets to choose a book, also.  They will ship out your chosen book around the 5th of the month and you should get it in a week or so.  If you don't think you will love any of a current month's selections, skip that month!  You can cancel any time.

These are always current releases and books all the publishers and book bloggers are talking about and it's a hardcover!  If you just sign up for 3 months at a time, the shortest and most expensive plan, it's $14.95 per month.  $14.95 for a hardcover book?!?  Folks, I don't know if you have shopped books lately, but that's not bad at all!  I spent almost that much on an ebook of a new release I've been waiting for.  You can buy a copy of previous month's books for just $9.99.  I think this is a great deal if you are going to purchase books for your library.  I love to find a paper book that is a great read because you can SHARE it!  Let your friend borrow is, let your mom borrow it, let your sister borrow it, let the husband read it!  You can't do that (at least not easily) with ebooks or audiobooks.  If it turns out that it's not as good as you were hoping it would be, donate it to your local library.  Local libraries are a gem of our communities and they are often severely underfunded.  They LOVE when people donate books they can actually put on the shelf.  Books that readers WANT to read.  Then when you go see your tax guy in the spring, write off the books that you donated!  You practically make your money back on your investment and you can feel good about donating to your community.

As always, if my post makes you want to run out and subscribe to this product, PLEASE use the links so I can get credit on the site.  I blog for free and have to work a real job to spoil my kiddos and feed the family.  Share the love and shop the sites through my links so I can spoil myself with these subscriptions!

What do you subscribe to? 

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