Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Is this subscription worth it: IdealShape

Okay, this one isn't actually a subscription service, but it's a product I buy fairly regularly.  IdealShape has meal replacement shakes and bars and water mix-ins.  Their special ingredient is supposed to help keep you full for hours, but folks, my favorite part of this company's line is that it tastes good.

I've tried lots of different meal replacement shakes and bars over the years because I like the convenience of them.  Ideal is by far the best.  Melanie asks me to buy the bars all the time because she likes them.  She says that she can eat one for breakfast and not be hungry before lunch.  She even takes one to school for a mid-afternoon snack.  I joke that these are so good that you couldn't possibly lose weight by eating/drinking them, but you really can.  I have before.

I'm not currently eating well or exercising, but I still like to have a shake in the morning because it's convenient and it helps keep me full until lunch.  Someday, when I'm not so tired from babies who don't sleep at night, maybe I'll get back on track and start eating well again, until then, at least I have Ideal for convenience and because it's yummy!  I would recommend you start with one of their variety packs.  They have a variety box of shakes, bars and Boost, their water mix-in product. Some of our favorites are the double chocolate bar, the chocolate shake and the salted caramel shake, but I haven't tried any of them that I didn't enjoy.  Check them out and as always, use the referral links so I can earn free product, too!

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