Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Books Pile Up Fast

Remember the pile of books on the nightstand that was threatening to crush me in my sleep?  I have great news!  I've read several of those books.  Yet, the pile isn't getting shorter.  I keep adding books!  Physical paper books, ebooks on my Kindle, audiobooks from Overdrive.  The pile is growing!  You other avid readers know my pain here.
I'll review the top book soon. Spoiler:  I loved it.

I'm getting better at prioritizing what I want to read, I just need to learn to read faster.  I did cheat a little and find an audio for one of the books in the pile.  Funny thing is, Princess listened to a little of it with me in the car and now she has the paper book in her TBR pile!  I'm glad she's as nerdy as I am.

Have you read Kind of Kin or Sound of Gravel yet?  What should I expect?

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