Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Until We Meet Again by Michael Korenblit

Remember that I signed up for the book club at the local library so that I could broaden my reading horizons, right?  Sometimes I have to remind myself of this.  Almost all the books we have read so far have been books I never would have read if left to my own devices and January is no exception.  This book had three things working against it:

1. Non-fiction
2. World History
3. Sad story

Just like with a few others we have read in book club, I'm so glad that I have read this book!  This is the true story of Manya and Meyer Korenblit's experience during the holocaust.  The book is written by Michael Korenblit, son of the survivors, and co-author Kathleen Janger.

I won't lie, there were times when this book got so sad that I almost walked away, but I knew it was written by the son of the main characters and he wasn't alive yet at that point in the story.  That hope made me press on and finish the book.  The young couple and their families go from successful citizens to people in hiding and worse in such a short time period.  The holocaust was only able to happen because liberties were stripped away a little at a time.  Jews couldn't own a business, could work in certain professions, couldn't own certain properties, etc, until even the Jews weren't sure if they were second rate citizens.  This is how Hitler was able to do such horrific things with little push back from the people he was persecuting.  This is something we need to remember as American citizens, world citizens and members of the human race.  With faith, perseverance, and respect, we can endure anything.  Stand up for what is right or someone else will take everything.

You can check out Michael Korenblit's foundation and mission at RespectDiversity and I highly recommend you check out the tab about his parent's vision.  My mother heard Michael speak at a library conference and was so inspired she purchased his book and has recommended it to everyone she talks to ever since.  I hope to catch Mr. Korenblit speaking somewhere soon myself.

Get this book.  Check out the website. Seriously.  I hate to use the term  'life-changing' but it will definitely make you think a little deeper about the world.

What books have you read that opened your eyes about the world we live in? 

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