Saturday, November 3, 2012


Super lame start to Pile on the Miles.  I only got out one day so far in November, did 2 track miles on Friday night.  I had intended on going today because it was GORGEOUS out, but ended up shopping with sil.  That was very productive, she got lots of stuff she needed and I got a fantastic pair of shoes I needed.
Needed, right?  As you can see, normal socks aren't really my thing...

I have successfully completed C25K week 1.  I felt pretty great about it, too.  I'm going to start week 2 tomorrow.  I look forward to the end of this 8 weeks because I should be able to run for 30 straight minutes, but also because I will have completed something I started.  I don't always do that.  I have a history.  I started the Brazil Butt Lift once and finished 29 out of the 30 days of the program.  I'm notorious.  My house looks like I'm a borderline hoarder often because I collect things for projects I'm going to do, then don't do them then purge everything to clean house.  I have to finish this C25K program this time, though, because I'm now accountable to you, my reader(s).  I almost skipped the track yesterday.  Hubs was home from being on the road all week, I had a long week at work, and I had a bottle of wine chilling.  I got my butt down to the track, sil and I both did 2 miles, then I had the wine after I showered.

Since starting this blog, I've lost 8lbs.  That really says something.  Thank you for keeping me accountable loyal reader(s).    Stay tuned, soon I intend to try my hand at posting recipes and food photography.

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