Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Motivating Someone?

While I can't seem to motivate myself, apparently I can motivate others once in a while.  Recently I asked my  little sister to take some family photos of Princess, hubs and myself.  Little sister takes great photos and I have a pretty cool camera, only makes since.  She got some pretty good shots, I was very pleased especially considering she didn't really know how to use my camera.  We had a good starter session and she was inspired.  I let her borrow my camera so she could get familiar with it more.  She took baby sister out and got some really great pics in that session, too.  Little sister is so excited she is talking about working hard on this and maybe making it into a business venture.  She has tons of potential, I'm sure she could do it.  I offered to help her put together a portfolio and have now been appointed Head of Marketing.  Who knows, maybe little sister will really make a go of this and she told me I was the one who motivated her to start.

Hubs and I, taken by little sister

In a conversation with curly friend earlier this week, she suggested that maybe my desire to be a runner and my Facebook ad to find running friends is God's way of using me to motivate someone else to start a running club in this area.  I purchased the book Run for God a couple years ago and started it a couple times.  I broke out the book again and I'm actually taking notes and using the book as intended, as a training program and a bible study.  I'm almost positive God doesn't want me to lead anything.  I'm not very good at sticking with stuff myself, I probably shouldn't be trying to lead others.  But maybe I can help someone else discover their ministry through running.

After having 2 conversations about me motivating someone with 2 different people in one week I've been thinking, maybe I could find motivation by being motivation.  I'm a pretty positive person and I love to see people meet their potential.  I know that God wants us to give and be generous and we will be rewarded for it in the end.  Maybe the thing I can give is pep talks and encouragement.  I know there is so much more I could be giving, but this may be something I'm good at, my talent maybe?  I named this blog 'Finding Motivation' but maybe I'm not just finding it, but providing it.This is something I am going to have to pray about and I would appreciate any prayers on my behalf. 

Have I ever posted anything that has motivated you?

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