Saturday, November 10, 2012

Branson mini vaca

This weekend hubs and I decided to take a mini vaca and join some of his family in Branson, MO.  His grandparents and an aunt and uncle were going, so we met them to tag along for the weekend.  Something that has had me in absolute awe the whole time we've been here is how serious Branson takes Veteran's Day.  Everywhere we go people are offering some kind of discount for veterans, but they are also stopping to talk to these brave men and women who have fought for this country so that we have the freedom to run or not, or to eat junk through a drive through or something healthy and local, and a million other things we take for granted every day.  Hub's grandpa is a veteran and we've had conversations about different things.  You can tell by talking to him that is is proud of this country, even when he doesn't agree with it's leaders.  He is proud that he had the opportunity to fight for the freedoms we enjoy.  We have visited Branson in the past, but never this time of year.  You can feel the pride in this town this weekend.  I am in awe.

On thing that really effected me tonight:  We were on our way to dinner and a show and just outside our hotel was a gorgeous restored old pickup.  Hubs has a weakness for this kind of thing and it was beautiful so we stopped to take a look.  (Please forgive my cell phone photog, the camera was in the car.)


The young man who's name is on that gravestone always wanted to restore this old truck.  He enlisted in the military after high school and was killed in the line of duty.  His parents decided to restore the truck in his memory.  The picture I didn't get was of the back of the truck.  Across the bumper there was a banner that said 'All gave some, Some gave all' and the license plate read GAV ALL.  This young man wasn't even 20 years old when he died serving his country, our country.  I'm tearing up again just typing this.

Folks, I don't agree with a LOT of the decisions made by the leaders of his country, but we should be showing respect to those who serve so that we are free.  I bet we all know people who have served.  Take a minute out of your busy day to stop and say thank you.  Without the bravery of these men and women, we would be living a much different life.

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