Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Looking back at the books I've completed this year, I should dub this the year of YA.  You know I skipped YA in my teen years, but I'm making up for it in my thirties.  I've completed the Smoke and Bone series, all the Harry Potter books, and now I've started a new YA series this year.

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer are fairy tale retelling in a steampunk fashion.  Now I didn't really know what steampunk meant when I started this series and I can't say that I 100% know at this point either, but if you can explain it to me, I'd love to hear it!  In this first book of the series, Cinder is a teenage cyborg mechanic who isn't well loved by her family and has few friends.  One day the prince of the land stumbles into her shop and needs his android repaired and Cinder's world is soon turned upside down.

There are lots of elements of old world mixed with futuristic aspects, which I think makes it steampunk?  Correct me if I'm wrong in this. To be honest, when finished the first chapter I had decided that this wasn't the book for me and I wasn't going to finish. It was very far out there and unrealistic to me, but then I remembered that I just finished Harry Potter and I usually read vampire books... when do I read anything realistic?  At some point I looked up and had just finished chapter 17, I guess I had committed!  This book was fast paced and keep my interest through the entire thing.  I finished in about 2 days and have requested the second book in the series on Overdrive, but there is a waiting list.

What is your favorite Steampunk novel?


  1. I loved this and have read it twice actually. Still haven't finished the series because then it is done!

  2. I know what you mean! After I finished Happy Potter, I was sad, but thankfully, I found a new series to start and a couple good stand alone books.


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