Friday, August 26, 2016

Lights Out: A Cyber Attack, A Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath

Who doesn't love a good conspiracy book once in a while?  Even better, the audio is read by Ted Koppel himself and I like to hear him talk.  In this book, Koppel explores the possibility of a cyber attack on our nation's power grid and the effect that could have.  He talks about the potential players who may be interested in and have the ability to launch a cyber attack, how the government and population might respond and who might be best suited to survive.

I gotta tell ya folks, if you start to really think about any of this stuff, it's pretty scary.  For years we, in my house,  have joked about a zombie apocalypse and becoming preppers, but the zombies really aren't the scariest thing that could happen.  Mostly because I don't actually think zombies will happen... But folks!  There are real threats out there!  According to Ted Koppel's research, there are holes in our system and lots of people out there who might be interested in taking advantage of those holes to our detriment.  Koppel interviewed preppers, people who didn't consider themselves preppers, and communities who were definitely more prepared than others.  It was very interesting to hear how some people live their lives in a way that is more independent than others.

I thought this book was insightful and interesting.  There were a few times when the facts got to be a little overwhelming, but you guys know me by now, if thinks get too wordy I may tune out for a minute.  I have a pretty sure attention span.  That being said, though, I listened to this book from start to finish in about a week.  I listened on my daily commute, which is my habit these days, but I also listened at the house while I was cleaning and organizing all the baby stuff.

I would definitely never say that my family is prepared for something like this, but I would like to think that we could adapt.  I have friends who are much more prepared than we are and we've talked and brainstormed and they've given me lots of good information.  While I would LOVE to be able to build a house off the grid, it's more for an economic reasoning than a prepper reasoning.

How do you think you would fair if the lights went out?  Do you have a plan? 

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