Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Heroin Love by I.M. Hunter

"Kevin had a perfect life, self-made millionaire, beautiful wife, and loving children.  As his family grew distant he finds himself yearning for more.

Walking into the wrong place at the right time, he encounters a young beautiful, angelic women who has demons of her own.  Unable to resist her allure he begins obsessing over the thought of being with her.

Rachael uses her cunning wits to rev up Kevin's obsession.  Plunging deeper and deeper into her grasp, he was destroying the life he worked so hard for."

If you can get past the grammar and  punctuation flaws of the synopsis, this book sounds pretty interesting.  The cover is beautiful and the font through the book was very easy to read.  This is about all the positive I have for this book.

Few things you should know about this review: (1) This is considered an Erotic Romance, which is NOT the kind of book I would generally read.  (2) I am generally grammatically and spelling challenged.  (3) As you should assume with all my reviews, this may contain spoilers.  This being said, for the errors in this book to have bothered me as much as they did, they would drive the Grammar Nazis bat-shit crazy.  Keep in mind, I received this as an ARC and I hope it hadn't been through it's final revision yet.  

Let me sum up my thoughts about the story in three words:  Over the top.  Kevin, the main character tells us right up front that he's a workaholic and only wants the best things in life.  He has a beautiful home and family with expensive cars.  He buys anything and everything any of them ever want.  His life is one of extreme, over the top luxury.  A lifetime of habits and his whole mindset in life goes completely out the window when he meets Rachael, a prostitute.  He falls nearly instantly in love with her and starts destroying everything in his life because of it.

I'm sure Erotic Romance is a nice way of saying Porn in the book genres, but using the word Romance is completely misleading.  While I would have a hard time defining romance for myself, this was definitely not it.  This was just dirty.

The book ended with lots of loose ends and it appears that this is going to be the first in a series.  I'm not interested in seeing this one to the end, but I wish the author lots of luck in his future endeavors.  I admire anyone brave enough to put pen to paper and give it a shot.

(I received this book for free in a GoodReads.com giveaway.  Nobody pays me money for my reviews, but I always love free books. If you want to send me your books for review, email me and we'll chat!)

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