Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Great Purge

Princess' room is clean!  I cleaned it out over the weekend. I was correct, she had entirely to much stuff and is happier now that her room isn't such a disaster.  I'm sad I didn't get a before picture, but we changed most of her wall décor so it matches her personality and interests.  The last time we decorated it she was a toddler...
 Mountain of stuff to donate to the church
 Vinyl gorilla chalkboard
 Display for rock collection
The television stand is my favorite part.  This was an old school desk I rescued from becoming trash.  The top was in terrible condition so we used leftover lumber and made a larger top and affixed a shelf under.  A couple cans of Krylon, a couple rolls of duck tape and she now has a custom television/game stand.  The television she had in her room was a monster on a monster stand and it took up so much room she and her friends didn't have room to play the dance games she has for her Wii.  We replaced the monster television with the slimmer design and now they have plenty of room to boogey!
The only room I have left to purge is my bedroom.  It's last because I've put it off all this time.  Anyone want to come clean it out for me?  I also need to finish decorating the living room, maybe I'll do that before I purge the bedroom...  

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