Friday, August 22, 2014

Turns out I'm a hoarder...

I've been telling Princess for weeks that she has to clean out her room or I'm going to clean out her room.  Her hoarding is making me crazy!  She has way more stuff than any one little girl should ever have and she just won't let go.  I just don't understand.  Or do I?

I'm cleaning out all the rooms in my house.  This is an ongoing project in my house because we all have a little hoarder in us.  My most resent room:  the bathroom.  Who hoards stuff in the bathroom, you ask.  This girl.
Nobody needs as much makeup as I own.  I had pictures, but I must have got on a cleaning kick and deleted those!  Oops.  These are some of the things I had:

An entire snack-sized baggie of lip color or conditioner and 99% of the time my lips are naked. 

Six, count them, six mascaras.  One is nearly empty but I so I had to have five spare? 

I should never have to buy eyeliner again!  There were at lease a dozen in several colors.

I threw away some of the oldest stuff and I'm donating some of the stuff I've barely or never worn to my sister and a friend.

Between what I left readily accessible and what I kept for backup I probably still have entirely to much makeup for one person.  I will work on other rooms for a while and maybe I'll come back to this again in a couple weeks.
How much makeup do you own? 
Are you a hoarder like me, a minimalist or something in between?

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