Thursday, September 25, 2014


Boomer Sooner!  Football season is here!  Okay, I don't really watch football much on television as we don't subscribe to any TV in my house, but my husband is excited and usually watches with his friends.  I do, however, like to watch live football.  College, little kids, I don't care, I just like it live.  We took Princess to her first college football game recently.
She got a new dress for the occasion.  She wanted a cheerleader dress, but we didn't find those in her size.
I went with a beehive.

 Husband didn't really need to get fancy with us.

Thing is, she LOOKS super excited there, but trust me, she wasn't.  It was hot and she could care less about football.  She was miserable and acted like a tool until after the sun went down.  After the weather cooled down, so did her attitude, but we have all decided that she doesn't have to go watch the games with us anymore.

The changing of the seasons has also meant I've been feeling crafty.  I've scoured the pages of  Pinterest and finally settled on this cute fall wreath for the front door.


  1. Never painted the top of a table, but I can tell you that when you strip it, use liquid or gel stripper for all it's worth, don't try to sand that crap off. It'll gunk up your sand paper and is a waste of time. Strip, then sand. You'll thank yourself later.


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