Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sharing is Caring: Ibotta

Folks, I have got away from just subscription services so I've changed the name of this series.  I want to share my opinions with you because you are my friends and I do care!  Today, I want to talk about Ibotta.

Ibotta is an app on your smart phone where you can earn rebates on things you are already going to buy.  I mostly just use it for grocery rebates, but there are rebates for many other kinds of websites and products.  I recently even found out that there are rebates for WINE!  This makes me VERY happy.  The issue is that your liquor store has to list what you purchased on the receipt and a lot of them don't.  My newest favorite store does though, and they are the least expensive store in town for the brands I buy AND they are right on my way home!  Big win for Rum Runners!  Thanks guys!

Anyway, Ibotta.  You find the products you are going to be buying anyway; milk, bread, eggs, onions, baby formula, trash bags, orange juice... seriously, there are a whole bunch, you get the point.  You may have to take a poll or watch a short video to qualify for the rebate, but it never takes very long or they may offer a recipe for you to use the product in.  Do your shopping.  When you get home, you scan all the items that qualify for rebates and a picture of the receipt and BAM!  they put money on your account.  When you get enough money on your account, you can cash it out to your PayPal account and put it in your checking or you can use it for gift cards for Amazon or Starbucks or many, many other places.

If you have a rewards card for the store you are shopping, I use my Reasor's reward card, they will save the information so the cashier can scan the barcode on your phone in case you don't want to carry your card with you.  With Reasor's and I assume other stores they have connected this way, you don't even have to scan your products and receipt.  The purchases just upload and they pay the money to your account shortly after you finish your shopping.  Even better!

You can earn even more rebates if your friends are using Ibotta.  There are multiple levels of bonuses each month and you get there faster if you AND your friends are using the app.  I want all of you to join my team and we can earn those bonuses faster!  Go to your phone's app store and download the Ibotta app and use the code BIDYBHU to join my team!  I use the app often and earn bonuses often so if you join me and use it with me, you will earn bonuses, too!

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