Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Is that subscription worth it: Audible

When you have little ones, you have your hands full.  When your hands are full of kid's stuff, it can't be full of books!  I love my kids AND I love to read, this is quite the dilemma!  How does a busy mom manage to squeeze reading into her busy schedule?  Audiobooks!  There are many ways you can listen to a book these days.  There's the old fashioned book-on-tape, but nobody has tapes anymore so I guess it would be book-on-CD or you can download audiobooks to your phone/tablet/computer/other device.

Places I like to listen to a book:

My daily commute to and from work
Trips to Lily's doctors appointments in Tulsa
While working at my desk at the office
While taking a shower or cleaning house

While I love to get things for free and I love my local library, I hate waiting lists.  I have often found myself at the end of a long line of people waiting to borrow a popular audiobook.  I have very little patience for that sort of thing so I happily subscribe to Audbile.  For $14.95 I can enjoy a new title each month.  There are always new and exciting books offered as well as classics and everything in between.  Audible members can enjoy discounts and member-exclusive sales in addition to their monthly book title.  There is something called Audible Channels, that I have to admit I haven't explored yet, but sounds exciting.

Unlike most of the products I've reviewed on this site, I couldn't find a link for you to use so I could earn free stuff.  I'm sad about this, but I'm still happy to share my love of Audible with you.

Where do you like to listen to a book?  

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