Thursday, August 20, 2015

Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult

My local librarian, aka Mom, practically insisted that I read this one because she loved it so much.  She was right, it was pretty stinkin' good.  This story follows 13 year old Jenna as she tries to solve a 10 year old mystery.  Jenna's mother, Alice, was an elephant researcher who disappeared after an incident at the elephant sanctuary she and her husband ran.  Jenna enlists the help of Serenity, a psychic and Virgil, a private investigator.  They follow clues Jenna finds while reading Alice's diaries and it takes them on an adventure through time and across two continents to find out what happened on that fateful day when Alice disappeared.

This story has a strong theme of the love found in a mother-daughter relationship.  It was very well written and has some twists and turns right up to the very end that I sure didn't see coming.  Each chapter is written from the point of view of each of the characters.   I actually listened to the audio rather than reading this book and I really enjoyed this.  Each character is a different narrator so it was easier to visualize the story and it was more like a movie.  Now that I say that, this actually might make a pretty good movie!  I say, put this book on your to-read list and then move it pretty close to the top.

Have you read this?  What did you think? 

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