Monday, November 4, 2013

Boxing and Burning Man

Husband has been working lots of weekends lately and since he works out of town I've been going to see him on the weekend.  The apartment he stays in during the week has a big, nice gym.  Indoor Olympic pool, cardio machines, weight training machines, free weights, tennis court, and my most favorite, a boxing ring!  I found out they also have a trainer on staff.  I can go to the gym for free because he lives there all week and the trainer was pretty inexpensive.  I had one lesson so far and I hope to do a lesson each weekend I go stay with him.  I really hope he gets to come home more soon, but if he's got to be away, I might as well take advantage of the situation, right?  I learned a lot of things I can take home with me and use on my heavy bag.  I worked out with the trainer on Saturday afternoon and I'm really sore this Monday afternoon.  It's amazing! 

This weekend I also went to an Okie Burner's Decompression event.  Basically a bunch of burners and future burners got together to exchange stories and burn a ten-foot tall dreamcatcher.  Someday I will go to Burning Man.  This feeling was fueled even more after meeting Burners and other future Burners.  We got a glimpse of some of the costume pieces worn at the festival and got to talk to a girl with a hoola hoop.  I got a tiny picture of the things to expect from the actual festival.  Maybe someday we'll have such a festival in every state.  I know this isn't a religious event and I know there are many things that will make me shake my head, but I think Jesus would approve of some of the basic values of the Burner.  Do no harm, leave this place better than you found it, love everyone and take care of each other.  Such a wonderful experience.

P.S.  I got some video of the dreamcatcher burning, but I'm having trouble getting it to load.  I'll keep working on this.

Do you know about Burning Man?  Google it!  Watch the videos on YouTube!  Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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