Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Water, water everywhere...

... but not in my body.  I recently joined a Facebook group who drinks water.  I know, that sounds dumb, don't we all drink water?  Well.... not really.  After recent conversations with people I know, most of us don't drink enough liquid, period, much less enough water.  There are calculators on the internet that tell you how much water you should be drinking each day.  While they don't all give you the same number, the ones I tried all said I should be drinking well over a gallon of water a day, so this is where I'll start.  The group I'm in is doing a 30 day challenge to drink at least a gallon of water each day.  We posted no-makeup selfies today, and we'll take one each week to see if our skin is looking healthier.  The inspiration came from this post and we're all assuming the results were real and not Photoshop or something.  While someone probably should have done some fact checking before we took this to heart, we're trying the experiment for ourselves and hoping for similar results.  Drinking a gallon of water a day, especially in the heat we have right now, is bound to be good for us even if we don't have miraculous results.

There ya go... out there for everyone to see... my no-makeup selfie.  Eeep!  I hope the water helps clear things up and does something about the circles under my eyes.

According to a dozen pins on Pinterest, adding fruit to your water doesn't just add flavor, it adds vitamins and minerals.  All those pins can't be wrong, right?  I figure adding some fresh or frozen fruit, vegetables and herbs can't be bad for me, it's still water after all.  I've got a few limes that are going to shrivel up to nothing if I don't eat them soon and a watermelon in the fridge I haven't cut up yet.  My neighbor brought me a cucumber from her garden recently and I have have fresh mint in my garden, surely I can come up with some fun flavor combinations.  Stay tuned for my amazing transformation or maybe just my whining because I have to go pee a dozen times a day, we'll see!

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  1. I like that you believe the results are legit. So trusting. I do agree that it can't hurt though. Our skin needs water, and vitamins, and minerals. Make sure to filter the water though! You don't want to add more chemicals through drinking it. Ick.


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