Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsion

After loving The Rosie Project so much, I had to get the sequel.  I know, often times we are disappointed by sequels because they don't live up to the original, but I think that is mostly just movies.  I love to read series of books and this is no exception.  This is the story of Don and Rosie after they are married and living in New York.  There are a LOT more mishaps in this book because Rosie is expecting their first baby and Don doesn't really know what to do with that information.  In true Don Tillman fashion, the is research to be done.   Don's research sets off a chain of unfortunate events that could get him in some serious trouble.  While he's dealing with this, he chooses not to involve Rosie in order to reduce her stress and the cortisol levels of her and 'Bud'.  Meanwhile Rosie is busy trying to be Superwoman and starts to think Don won't make a good parent.  There are big decisions that need to be made.

While there were many times in this book that I thought things got a little too far fetched, I feel like Simsion brought it all home in the end.  I was happy with this installment of the Rosie books.  I would read another if I found out there was one.  I seem to be the minority, the folks on GoodReads didn't all feel the same as I do.  Again, I downloaded the audio and maybe it makes it better if you can hear it with that Aussie accent of the narrator.  I give this one a big thumbs up!

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