Monday, May 6, 2013

Zombie Apocalypse and Renaissance Festival

As I'm sure you have heard by now we are on the verge of a zombie apocalypse.  It's very frightening to think about, but there is so much talk about it we can't help but think about it.  We need to prepare our bug out kits and make our emergency plans.  I'm not a crazy conspiracy theorist (well, maybe a little...), but I'm here to tell you that I have seen the creatures.  I was even chased by some just this last weekend!  It was a frightening experience but I survived to tell you about it today.

Terrifying, right?
Okay, so maybe it's me, little sister and her friend dressed for our very first zombie run. Little sister and I decided (and I think I've mentioned) that if they did fun runs like this in the area we'd be sure to sign up so they would do more themed runs. 
How it works:  We were chased by zombie actors in the dark streets and if they captured all three of the flags we had around our waists we were turned to zombies and could try to take other people's flags.  I'm happy to say that our camouflage worked out great because we all made it across the finish line with enough flags to have survived.
Husband thought we were crazy and got to home to late for me to talk him into dressing with us.  He later said he wished he would have and I think he'll be easier to convince next time. This is one more reason why he is the perfect man for me, not only will he put up with my version of crazy, but sometimes he even wants to join in!
Princess brains are pretty good, too.  She thinks her mother is a weirdo and tells me all the time, but jokes on her because it's hereditary!
To add to our fun-filled weekend, we went to a renaissance festival in the area.  I had been to the festival before, but not in about a dozen years... wait, am I really old enough to be able to say I did something a dozen years ago?!?  Anyway, I had been but husband and Princess never had.  I mentioned to them that we should dress up.  Most of Princess' dress up clothes don't fit anymore and husband didn't think it was necessary.
Princess got to be a fairy anyway and I husband was won over enough to talk about dressing for the occasion next year!  I, of course, want to be a gypsy and husband says if his choice is tights or a kilt he'll take the kilt. 
This weekend just reminded me why I would love to be able to wear a different costume every day of the week.  I LOVE to dress up and any excuse is a good excuse.  I'm glad God blessed me with two people who are just as weird as I am at heart and glad He blessed them with me so I can bring it out in them!

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