Monday, May 20, 2013

Welcome to Springtime in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is notorious for trailer parks being blown away by tornadoes this time of year.  This past weekend was no exception.  I visited the hubs this weekend because he was going to have to work and wouldn't be coming home to see me.  Princess went out of town with some family so I didn't want to stay home by myself.  When I dropped him off on Sunday it was warm and sunshiney.  He called me about 5 miles down the road to tell me not to stop for anything, keep driving home because there was a huge storm hitting where I had just left him.  It happens that quick.  No storm, beautiful day to tornado in no time. Blam!  He found shelter in a parking garage, but the garage and the hospital it serves were in the direct path of the tornado.  He was shaken, but physically unharmed.  Thank God.  He was sad that his cell phone was dead and he couldn't get any video.  As far as I have seen so far, there were no fatalities in his area.  There were injuries and a single fatality so far reported in a town not far from there, though.  Pray for those who lost homes and family this weekend and let's pray for a mild tornado season this year.  We've all seen how devastating it can be.

Fun store along Historic Route 66 called Pops.  They had hundreds of different types of soda in glass bottles.  The burgers smelled amazing, but hubs told me I had to drive straight home so I didn't try one.

Looking a little ragged and ready to get home.

Sister, Mother and I decided to try watermelon 'ritas and not think about storms.
Pretty good use of an early watermelon that wasn't great by itself.

I've always refused to get into a storm shelter because I'm more scared of it than the storm.  What's your take on fraidy holes?


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