Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Stop Quitting

Hi.  My name is April and I'm a quitter.

Oh it's true; ugly, but true.  I don't like being a quitter.  I want to see things to the end, but I quit, a lot.  Once I started the Brazil Butt Lift 30 day challenge and stopped doing the program on day 29.  I finished day 29 and never finished day thirty.  REALLY?!?  How ridiculous is that?  I started C25K and haven't gone to the track consistently in 3 weeks, I was only 4 weeks in. I'm not stopping, but there is always an excuse.  Usually my excuse is that I don't have anyone to go to the track with me, but it is still an excuse.  I'm terrified of being out there all alone.  You never know when a bad guy or Sasquatch may show up.  I don't want my family wondering what happened to me when I get drug away be a serial killer or wild animal.  Thing is, I have a back up plan for when I can't get anyone to go to the track with me.  There is another track in the town I work in with many more people on it on any given day.  I just need to throw a bag in the car and change at work.  Tada!  No more excuses, but I'm still using them.

Trust me.  This isn't any more frustrating to anyone but me.  When I step back and realize what I'm doing to myself I just want to scream at the mirror.  When I finish this blog post, I'm going to pack my gym bag.  I'm going to go put it on top of my purse so there is no excuse of forgetting it tomorrow.  No matter how cold it is out tomorrow night, I'm going to the track.  Hell, I may even head to the track at lunch when there is at least some daylight left.  I don't sweat that much, it's only 30 minutes on the track.  I'll take come DO for my BO and some smell good spray.

I keep thinking that I'd like to start BBL again and actually finish this time.  I've had that thought for over a week now.  I even went to get the DVDs from someone I had loaned them to, they made it to the room I would work out in and landed on a shelf to collect dust.  I had it in my head that I was going to start the program tonight, then Mom invited me and Princess over for dinner.  We had brown beans.  SOOOOOO good, but SOOOOO bad to work out after.  Excuses.  There I go again.  Who cares if I'm the stinky girl working out?  Princess is about to go to bed and hubs is out of town.  It's just me and the flat screen!  I just have to stop quitting before I ever even get started!  Any tips?

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