Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The King's Rogues – Quest for the Golem by David P. Bailey

I just finished a great little short story by a young, local author.  First I saw a link on the library's Facebook page promoting this book so I followed the link and downloaded it because you know how much I love free books.  Then it turns out I sorta know this guy!  He's the cashier at the store I frequent, this made me even more excited to read this book.  

The King's Rogues - Quest for the Golem is set in medieval times and is the story of not the knights of the round table, but of the secret assassins hired by King Arthur to take care of the less-than-noble quests.  This is an action packed adventure story with goblins and trolls and all sorts of evil.  The main characters are great and the story line flows really well.  I could see the movie or maybe television series playing out in my head as I read.  The ending didn't leave you haning but still left it wide open for this to become a series and I really hope to see more from this writer.

This book is available for everyone to download because it is entered in a short story contest to win $15,000!  Last I heard, David was in 5th place and needs to be in the top 3 to be in the money.  The prize money will help him go on to be a published author and will get us that much closer to another book!  The contest ends on Thanksgiving, but please don't wait.  Go get your copy today even if you don't think you will have time to read it right away.  Although, it sure won't take too long to finish it once you get started.  It a great short read, perfect if you are doing #15in31.  Download!  Read!  Tell me what you think!

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