Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kickin' it Boxer Style

Hubs got me a heavy bag for our anniversary a couple months ago.  I have decided that I would rather do a boxing routine over running any day.  Kickboxing over pretty much any workout right now!

 I have no plan of doing any ultras anyway.  My ultimate running goal is to be a mule for Curly friend when she works up to that point; carry extra water and fuel and keep her company in the lonely miles. I probably only need to be able to do a half to handle that so I've decided I'm going to switch to boxer training!

After I did a little research, I wrote a training routine.  Wanna hear it?  Of course you do!

Round 1:  Jump rope
Round 2: Jab cross
Round 3: Alternating hooks
Round 4:  Squats
Round 5:  Boxer shuffle with alternating jabs
Round 6:  Sumo squats
Round 7:  Right round kick
Round 8:  Left round kick
Round 9: Front kicks
Round 10: Jump rope

I found a round timer app on my phone for FREE!  I set it up for 2 minutes per round and 1 minute rest between.  The rest seemed long so I will probably shorten it to 30 seconds for future workouts.  I'm going to alternate this routine with one I found on YouTube for a while and see how I feel.

Think I'll look like this by summer?


  1. What kind of friend makes you do something you don't like and be their mule? Oh, right. Me!

    Nice pic, lookin good.

    I like your workout too. Makes me want to step back in the ring. Wanna fight?

  2. Someday I wanna spar! That would be fun. With LOTS of padding and a promise not to knock our any teeth or break anything...


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